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Cyclone Damien

[ 24 Feb 2020 ]

When we first heard about Cyclone Damian and the potential damage it was about to cause in Karratha, we briefed our teams immediately and implemented our CAT Teams. Already having teams located all over Western Australia has provided us with great accessibility to Karratha during this time of need.

We knew we had to act quickly to ensure we were in town and ready when the claims started to come in, we wanted to ensure all urgent make safes and jobs were attended too in a timely manner. Our main goal was to get policy holders homes and business’ back to a livable condition to alleviate the stress of what has just happened, and to do this we had our Rapid Response “Make Safe” Team ready.

To date we have received 100 + jobs and are progressing nicely. This shows that no matter the location or no matter the event Barclays are ready to help!