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Emergency Works

  • • Advise your Insurance Company of any emergency repairs that may be required [e.g. water in the electrics, collapsed ceiling, exposed wires, damaged/leaking water pipe and temporary fencing etc.] Note: Please stay clear of these areas until they can be made safe and secured.

    • If you require temporary fencing, you will need to advise our staff if you have a pool or any pets.

    • Burst Pipes – if you have a burst pipe, it would be best to speak with your insurance to see if your policy covers the repair of the pipe. In most cases you will need to fix the pipe, Barclays Building Services can attend and carry out a make safe for the burst pipe. We would usually cap off the water to the affected area if we can get to the pipe easily. If the leaking/ burst pipe is in a wall or ground then we would need to seek further approvals to excavate this area to access the pipe.

    • Damaged structures can be very dangerous, so it’s important to listen to emergency services and professionals regarding access and movement around your property.

    • If you have had a break in please check urgently to ensure no keys are missing as this may require a change of locks / recoding of keys.

    • If a damaged door is to be fixed shut, do you have another means of entrance/exit?

    • Ensure lights and electrics are not affected by water. If necessary, turn off water and switch off electrics at the meters.

    • If the damages have caused mould growth please inform your insurance company promptly.

    • If there are known hazardous materials or asbestos on site, please advise our office promptly.

    Note: Blinds & carpets are classified as contents and not building and will be dealt by a separate company that has been organised by your insurance company

  • We will submit our quote and report directly to your insurance company and await their further instruction. In some cases, specialist reports may be required before we can submit our assessment. This is to ensure we have accurate information regarding the cause of damage for your claim. If this is required, the inspector will advise you of this at the time of attendance.

    Once your insurance company has reviewed your claim they will provide us with the authority to proceed. We will call you and send documents relating to the claim and we will explain what we require prior to works commencing. You will receive a Scope of Works (SOWs) that outlines the repairs that Barclays Building Services have been authorised to carry out. If there are any maintenance related issues, you will need to complete these before we can proceed and we will need to receive any policy excess relating to the claim.

    Once all requested documents and excess have been received the CA will issue work orders to the appropriate trades.

    Upon completion of works a Completion Certificate needs to be signed and returned in order to close your file, we appreciate the prompt return of this document.

Flooring Damage

  • There are several factors which are taken into consideration with how long repairs will take:

    • If the product selected is available;

    • Moisture Levels of walls and/or slab;

    • Temporary accommodation availability if required.

    Each factor has a different time frame and each can be discussed by contacting our Claims Department, who will be able to provide full details on works being  commenced.

  • Temporary accommodation is only required in circumstances where the floor is not able to be walked on or if we are using machinery to remove materials and/or sealants have a strong odour.

    Note: If your flooring is laminate flooring you will not be required to vacate the property.

  • Any personal effects, pictures, knick-knacks etc, will need to relocate to an appropriate area by the person residing in the house. If furniture removal is approved by insurance company, our removalists will move furniture out of the damaged area and place in rooms that have the space.

  • We will only replace the damaged area of flooring, up to the closest architectural break.

  • If your floor pattern, colour or style is no longer available, we match to the existing as close as possible. Any other concerns with the difference in flooring needs to be discussed with the insurance company.

  • Trades take photos before and after their repairs for comparison and insurance purposes. If there is any accidental damage caused, the trades will attend to carry out repairs to rectify the damage. If damage is caused due to the repairs, they will complete a quote which will be sent through to insurance company for approval.

  • If there is any damage to surrounding surfaces, we will request photos of this and send a quote through to your insurance company to approve and carry out repairs.

  • Yes, this can be discussed with the floor installer and you will be required to pay any additional costs to them directly for the variation.

  • No, once flooring repairs start you will not be able to enter the property. This is a safety issue and also can damage new floor being installed.

Fire Claims

  • • Follow all advice from the Fire Department and your Insurance company;

    • Once the all clear is given by the Fire Department, identify all damaged areas and itemise damaged contents ready to advise your Insurance company.

  • • Have you got any photos you can provide?

    • What rooms are affected? Is it smoke only damage or can you see structural / building damages?

    • Is your roof tin or tiled?

    • Is your property a single or multiple storey building?

    • Is your property double brick or brick veneer?

    • Is your roof or framing damaged?

    • Have any ceilings collapsed?

Excess Questions

  • Depending on your Insurance policy, an excess payment may be applicable. If Barclays Building Services are awarded repairs your excess will need to be paid prior to works commencing.

  • If Barclays Building Services is handling your claim, there are several ways that you can pay your excess with Barclays Building Services.

    Either via:

    1. Credit card [phone] – phone our office on (08) 9406 4800 and we can process the payment over the phone;

    2. Credit card [online] – you can pay online, go to https://bbsaustralia.com.au/payments/. From here you can enter in the details and process an instant payment online. Please note, you will need your job/invoice reference number handy to process the payment;

    3. Cheque – you can post a cheque or money order, made out to Barclays Building Services (WA) Pty Ltd to PO Box 1772 Wangara DC WA 6947;

    4. Bank Transfer – you can pay online using the following details:

    BSB: 306 113
    Account: 5454368
    Account Name: Barclays Building Services (WA) Pty Ltd

    Please quote your job reference number if you choose to pay by bank transfer, as this will make it easier for us to link the funds to your claim and will minimise delays.

Maintenance Questions

  • These repairs relate to general property upkeep that normally would need to be carried out in order to uphold your property’s condition.

  • As per your Insurance policy, maintenance is not covered under your Insurance claim – this is the responsibility of the home owner.  Maintenance work is required to be completed prior to Barclays Building Services commencing any insurance related repairs as this maintenance will prevent the same event occurring in the future.

  • Barclays Building Services highly recommends Qualified Trades in the relevant field to carry out the maintenance works to ensure all works are to current Building Codes and Australian Standards. Barclays Building Services and your insurance company will require a receipt or certificate as proof that the maintenance works have been completed prior to initiating the claims repairs.

  • Included in the documentation you receive to advise you that maintenance is required is a Completion of Maintenance Form. To confirm completion of your maintenance, fill this form out and return to our office via email (either scanning or by taking a photo) or in the Reply-Paid envelope supplied and posted to PO Box 1772 Wangara DC WA 6947.

Repair Questions

  • Yes, however additional costs may apply as our quote is for one coat of sealer and one coat of paint to match existing. Any additional coats of paint would be at the insured’s cost. In addition, you will be required to sign a Material Variation Form.

  • No, your insurance company covers a replacement like for like or the next closest match if the product is discontinued.

    Note: Maintenance costs are not coverable under your insurance claim.

  • Once the excess [and upgrade costs, if applicable] is collected and your maintenance has been completed, your claim will be transferred on to our Claim’s Team who will initiate the repair stages. Trades will contact you within 48 hours to book a site attendance to measure and/or start the repairs.

    Note: If we need to order materials, this may take up to 6 weeks to be delivered depending on the type of products.

  • Yes, however, if you have arranged for a lock box to be on site then they will not contact you unless this is requested in writing.

  • Depending on the complexity and specifics of the damage, there may be certain processes and mandatory information required that we must comply with [e.g. Specialist Report]. Depending on your insurance company, this may delay the activation of your claim. We will endeavour to fast-track all claims to the best of our ability and encourage you to contact the office if you have any concerns regarding your claim’s timeline.

  • Yes, however, additional costs may apply as our quote is matching existing products like for like. Therefore any additional costs will be incurred by the insured. In addition, you will be required to sign a Material Variation Form.

    Note: The modification of one item may affect others. If this is the case, you will also need to pay for these additional items [e.g. if you request a different basin, the vanity/bench top may need to be replaced to suit].

  • It is unusual to have issues after repairs, however, if you do notice any anomalies please contact our office promptly with details of your concern.

  • Yes, the only exceptions being when there is asbestos in your home, trades are replacing your flooring or large loss claims for which your insurance company will provide alternative accommodation.

    Note: Majority of our trades are subcontracted so all communication must come direct to your Claim Coordinator so we can action promptly and update your insurance company. If you advise the trade, this may not get passed onto our office staff and may cause delays or miscommunication.