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Catastrophe (CAT) Team

Otherwise referred to as our Catastrophe Team, our CAT personnel come to the fore during high volume incidences of “make safe” situations. The CAT Team was formed in 2012 in response to the infamous 2010 Perth hail storm catastrophe.

During a Major event, we activate our CAT teams. These teams are based both in the office and out in the field. We believe our main point of difference in handling a major event is our capability to instantly change the roles and responsibilities of our team with minimal disruption to our operational processes. Armed and prepared to handle any major event that may occur, our team will contact our clients within one hour of receiving instructions from insurers or loss adjusters to determine the level of damage and assist to ensure all is safe and secure.

In an event, our Customer Service Officers have been crossed trained to act as part of the CAT response team and will disengage from their BAU responsibilities (the remainder of the team take on this workload). This allows them to focus solely on make safes and urgent claims. We all know how problematic a major event can be and how difficult it can be to manage claims and keep everything under control. By allowing the formation of the CAT team, we allocate a direct team to control the initial impact of an event and the high volume of make safes that will be expected.

Through years of experience, we have learned we cannot meet everyone’s expectations, especially in an event situation. However, with the implementation of the CAT team, we have found we are able to manage expectations by handling communications with clients, policy holders and our teams on the ground. This ensures all teams work together in an efficient and effective manner with one point of control, with the ultimate result of a faster, cleaner and more reliable event service for all involved.