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Insurable Events

Barclays Building Services specialise in domestic and commercial related insurance work, providing services from a minor home damage claim, right through to a major re-build of a residential or commercial building. Damage to your family home or business can be devastating, but we are here to help make this process a little easier for all. With over 30 years’ experience in the insurance industry, we have learnt a thing or two by tailoring to the needs of our clients in both residential and commercial environments.

The types of damage we cover are:

  • Storm damage;
  • Water damage;
  • Fire damage;
  • Impact damage;
  • Malicious damage;
  • Break-in damage.

Our qualified building inspectors are highly trained in the assessment of building damages and repairs and our aim is to protect your property, while endeavoring to bring your home back to prior state and applying provisions to prevent future damage from re-occurring.


Since Cyclone Vance crossed the WA coast on the 16th March 1999, causing severe damage to much of the town of Exmouth, Barclays Building Services realized the need for a wider coverage of insurance repairers across our vast state. As a result, we actively strived to and have since established an expansive network of Regional Partners and trades in all corners of WA.

Since we began our Regional coverage, we have rebuilt/repaired homes and commercial buildings in Broome, Bidyadanga, Port Headland, Karratha, Halls Creek, Fitzroy Crossing, Carnarvon, Exmouth, Shark Bay, Kalgoorlie, Albany, MSERVICoora, Merridan, Kununurra and far too many other places in between to mention.

Our team provide training to our Regional Partners to ensure all aspects of the Insurance repair sector are covered and understood and to ensure all expectations of clients, policy holders and our team are met to the highest standard. All of us at Barclays Building Services today know very well, the insurance repair sector is nothing like other Building sectors and provides some very unique challenges and issues. Unfortunately, these challenges and issues can be intensified by the Regional locations, politics and individual environmental influences. With over 20 years of experience in Regional areas since Cyclone Vance hit Exmouth, we have finely tuned and honed our team and services to fully cater for all expectations and challenges that Regional WA can throw at us.