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Residential Works

We appreciate that residential repairs need to be handled in an extremely timely manner, and the specialist team at Barclays Building Services ensures all renovations, restorations, building and Home Indemnity Insurance repairs are fast-tracked and supervised with expert care, to minimise as much disruption at a damaged property as possible.

Residential was where it all began with Barclays Building Services, with experience in an adverse range of residential building and construction since day one. We can offer minor damage repairs up to large home construction projects, we do it all. Being a family-owned and operated company, we understand that this is more than just a building project, it’s an integral part of your family foundation. Our expert management teams will keep you closely informed throughout the duration of your construction, whether that be 4 days to 40 days, to ensure you are up to date on all building related matters.

Our customer-focused approach along with our innovative methods in design and functional demands allow us to not only create high quality projects, but also work with the most challenging developments to create desirable outcomes we can take pride in from start-to-finish. We are committed to providing our clients with quality workmanship, alongside quality products, that we would expect in our own home, and won’t accept anything less.

On behalf of our Insurance and Loss Adjuster clients we serve the needs of their customers on a daily basis. We take this responsibility very seriously and aim to serve their residential property policy holders with respect, compassion and a dedication to repair their damaged property in a “best practice” way.

Your home, is our home, and rest assured it is in trusted hands.