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Restoration Services

Our qualified team of in-house restoration experts, including highly experienced plumbers, along with our affiliation with restoration companies across the state who are specifically trained in the area of ‘escape of liquids’, ensures Barclays Building Services delivers exceptional outcomes for all restoration cases.

We understand that the home is the heart of the family, and most probably the most important asset you own. When floods and fire can occur at any time, be assured that there are providers out there who understand your family values to assist during these devastating times.

With decades of experience within the building industry, we have provided a broad range of industries including insurance companies, builders and private clients, with quality Restoration Services. Our aim is to protect your property, while endeavoring to bring your home back to prior state and applying provisions to prevent future damage.

Barclays Building Services offers access to:

  • A qualified restoration expert – employed full-time to attend site and implement restoration strategies;
  • An extensive plumber base, with thermal and leak detection capabilities (to locate and identify water leaks) across WA;
  • Specialist plumbers trained in leak repair, incurring minimal damage at all times, whilst avoiding wall tiles whenever possible;
  • Experienced supervisors trained to manage all aspects of the insurance claims process – from assessing and reporting through to the completion of authorised works;
  • A stress-free repair process for the insured via competent support and management of every insurance company customer;
  • Extensive and time-proven experience in managing and coordinating the assessment and repair process across metropolitan and regional areas of WA.

Mould Remediation

At Barclays Restoration Services our technicians specialise in mould remediation with a particular focus on the prevention of future mould onset. An introduction to the smallest amount of liquid source can initiate the infestation of mould, in as little as 48 hours, which produce allergens in the environment. Exposure to damp and mouldy environments can cause throat and nasal irritations, respiratory illness, eye problems, skin irritations and ultimately lead to serious health effects.