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74% of our customers think our service is a 10 out of 10!

“Barclays Building Services were recently hired by SGIO to repair damage to my house that was caused by my new gas camp cooker bursting into flames while cooking prawns under my back patio. The wall, eaves, wooden trimming and tin roof were damaged. From the moment I received the first call from Barclays to the assessor coming and later, carpenters, painters and roofers, I was treated with utmost courtesy, all being wonderful friendly and efficient. At all times, before and after each job was completed, I was contacted to confirm suitability for times to come to my home and after each job was completed I was contacted by Amanda, at Barclays to gain feedback from me. Hence, I thoroughly recommend this building company if ever there’s a need for top quality work and consistently prompt and lovely service.”

“Barclays was referred to us by our Insurance Company, QBE. Our experience with all the tradespeople we had dealing with was only positive. All were, without exception, accommodating, friendly, professional and on time. I would be happy to use any of their services any time in the future.”

“Fantastic service in fixing our garage door and arranging and installing a new one. Thanks so much.”

“I would like to convey my appreciation to Matt for the prompt reliable service and clear explanation of the insurance process involved in assessing the damaged fence from the storm last week over the recent long weekend.”